Course curriculum

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    1. Consistent Client Flow & 7 Proven Ways to get Booked without paying for Ads. Navigating Imposter Syndrome.

    2. Personal Brand vs Business Brand. Establishing Both.

    3. Dream Clientele & Are You Really Approaching Your Finances the Right Way? (part 1)

    4. Charging Your Worth. Examples. (part 2)

    5. BIO that converts followers into PMU Sales. Identifying Your Unique Niche.

    6. IT-Factor. Tough Wake Up Call to Your Gifts and Skill Set.

    7. Recognition. How to Influence other People. Finding the Motivation.

    8. Build a PERFECT Training Course 1-1. How to get started with training & How to become the best in your own nature.

    9. Booking & Software systems. Profits and Marketing for your business.

    10. Hiring. How to Delegate and turn your self-operation into a profitable salon. Contracts.

    11. Finances 1-1. Building a REAL Profitable Business. Legal Work.

    12. Influence Strategy. Your Authentic rules for Social Media.

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