Course curriculum

    1. Terms and Conditions

    1. Restorative Lip Blush

    2. Intro

    3. What is Restorative Tattooing

    4. Scar Tissue. Types of Scars

    5. What Is Cleft Lip/Palate?

    6. Skin structure. Skin Types.

    7. Contraindications.

    8. Consultation. Pre-Draw. Shaping lips with scars.

    9. Pigments and their types. Composition. And understanding

    10. Needle types for Lip Blush & Restorative Tattoo

    11. Techniques.

    12. Types of Scar Cover Ups

    13. How Scars Respond to Restorative Lip Blush. Case Studies.

    14. Equipment

    15. Common Questions

    16. Mara Colors Swatches

    17. Watercolor Lip Blush Protocol. Hand Positions.

    18. Common Mistakes

    1. Advanced Movements and Techniques. Lesson on Board.

    2. Advanced Shading & Lining techniques on Latex

    3. Scar Cover Up Techniques on Latex

    4. Lip Blush Coverage Styles techniques on Board

    1. Client's story. Consultation. Pre-Draw.

    2. Shaping lips with scars using different pencils and tools.

    3. Perfecting the Shape. Symmetry. Creating perfect border on scars.

    4. Shape's approval. Consultation. Color Selection and Choice.

    5. Equipment selection and needle discussion. First outlining strokes. Client's Position.

    6. Reciprocal line movement on scars. First pass & Numbing. Pixel's Pattern.

    7. How to adjust your equipment. Hand position. Voltage Set.

    8. Saturating the Scar.

    9. Stay in the skin movement explained. Finishing Pass.

    10. Switching to other color mix. Intensifying scar camouflage.

    11. Final Look. Preparation for Photos.

    12. Client's reaction. After Care & Swelling Explained.

    1. Key Products For Lip Blush Procedure

    2. Aftercare

    3. To you

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